Example Request

We commonly receive questions with this common theme:

“We want to create soaps with our logo, how much will it cost?”

This is a difficult question to answer without more information from the customer. There are small soaps, large soaps, round or square soaps – we can create individual forms or many molds in a mat. We can’t know exactly what you are imagining for your silicon mold creation, and would appreciate the following information listed below before we can provide an accurate quote. Help us to help you!

Required information


There are countless variations of forms.Which contour should your silicone mold have?  

Rectangular, square, round, diamond-shaped, dog-shaped, heart-shaped, …


We create three-dimensional objects with length, width and height. The height is very often forgotten.For more complex shapes, additional dimensions may be needed.A statement like: “as big as a bar of Milka chocolate” is not a measurement! We need exact dimensions. This means at least:

length x width x height / diameter x hight

Logo / Photo

If you want to use your logo or a photo as a 3D object, please attach it as a PDF or JPEG file in the request form. Although we are able to create molds out of almost any anything, we first need to check the image for suitability.


If you desire a silicone mold with lettering in a desired font, please create it in Word with the appropriate aspect ratio to the overall mold dimensions, and send it as a PDF or JPEG file. Again, the quoted price will depend on the complexity and differing amount of work that it takes to implement your design. If there is no desire for a specific font, we shall use our default font.

Single mold / mat

We can create single molds, as well as mats that contain multiple molds of your single design. Let us know which you would prefer and the overall number of desired molds/mats. If you buy in larger quantities, we can be able to offer you a discount.


Do you have all the information that we need? Now its time to contact us and our journey to bring your ideas to reality can begin!

The delivery time for a first order is typically five to seven weeks. If additional silicone molds with the same design are requested, delivery is typically between one to two weeks.

What’s next?

  • Based on your desired form and desired dimensions, we will formulate several quotes.

  • Once you have chosen a quote, we will create a digital file of your project. The design, in consultation with you, will be refined until you are satisfied with the product.

  • Once the final design is completed and approved, we will start production on your silicone molds.