Turtle Foundation

The poaching and targeted hunting of protected sea turtles are a serious problem on Boa Vista. The main reason is the lucrative sale of turtle meat or other items sold as souvenirs to tourists. The Turtle Foundation has been committed to helping locals out of this spiral of illegality for years.

In order to counteract poaching, but still generate an income for the local families, the idea of the turtle soaps was born. An artist first created a beautiful turtle design. Based on their images, we were able to digitally recreate the shape and thus construct the basis for our silicone mold. This means that the locals on the island can now produce soap turtles and offer them for sale, providing them an income while also protecting the turtles. With this order we are happy to help create a sustainable alternative to turtle fishing for the families on Boa Vista and to support this great social project.

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